The Sixth Form Jewish Studies programme is referred to as Yahadut. The programme is exciting, dynamic and informative and stands out as one of the highlights of a student’s Yavneh experience. With its blend of formal and informal Jewish education and its strong emphasis on social action projects, the programme ensures that Yavneh College students will graduate with learning skills and knowledge, as well as a passion for Judaism and a commitment to making a positive contribution to their community. All sixth form students follow our Yahadut course for three hours per week during Years 12 and 13, examining fundamental elements of Jewish life and Jewish living in the modern world.

Over the course of Year 12 & 13, students participate in the following Yahadut units, although within each unit students have a choice of courses to choose from.

Me and My Festivals – ומועדי אני
This theme opens the Yahadut course and gives you an opportunity to explore the Jewish calendar and the festivals in a number of different ways. Students are able to choose from a selection of courses that cover all aspects of the Jewish year, which provide an opportunity to learn about all the different festivals and special days that will be happening in the first few weeks of the school year.

Me and Myself – ועצמי אני

Me and My Religion – ודתי אני
Judaism is a part of all our lives in some way and this theme is all about giving you the opportunity to find your own way to connect to your Judaism. It doesn’t have to be through prayer or even learning texts, the most important thing is that you feel connected to your Judaism in a way that means something to you.
You will be able to choose from a selection of courses that look at different aspects of Judaism in a number of different ways. It might be through learning Hebrew, or Jewish music or a passion for the Jewish homeland, Israel.

Me and My Community – וקהלתי אני
We are all part of a community in some way whether it is our neighbourhood, our shul or our school community. This theme gives you the opportunity to discover how you can play your role in your community. You will again be able to choose from a selection of courses that cover various ways in which you can get involved in your community. Whether it is volunteering, leadership or simply learning about responsibility, this theme will help you be a part of it.

Me and My History – ותלדתי אני
This theme is all about looking at where we as Jews in Yavneh College in 2015 came from, our history. We will be particularly focusing on the Shoah, the Holocaust, and helping you to develop your own understanding of it. There will be two course streams for this theme, a stream for those who are going to Poland with the school and a stream for those who are not. This will make sure that you are learning about this important even in our history in a way that is completely relevant to you and your own personal experiences.

Me and My Future – ועתידי אני
Me and My Land – וארצי אני
Me and My Society – וחברתי אני
Me and My Legacy – ומורשתי אני

Me and Myself
This theme is all about you! What does Judaism say about yourself, looking after yourself and having respect for yourself. We will be looking at important issues such as sexual health, smoking, drugs and tattoos and discussing why it is important to take care of ourselves.
For this theme, there will be two streams. One stream will give you the opportunity to explore the Jewish texts that address these important topics and discuss them in light of these texts. The other stream will look at these topics in more detail and give you an opportunity to discuss them and consider them in the context of our lives in the world today.

Me and My Future
A big part of your time in Year 13 will be about making final decisions about University and campus life.
You will be learning from experts from various organisations who will give you the skills and knowledge to feel confident about your future once you have left Yavneh College, ranging from having a proud Jewish Identity on campus to cooking on a budget.

Me and My Land
As a Religious Zionist school, Israel is a central part of our identity.
You will explore Israel’s history, culture, land, food, people and more with a varied choice of courses. Be prepared to learn about Israel like you never have before!

Me and My Society
One of the skills that you will almost definitely be asked when leaving school, is how you wish to contribute to society. These courses will allow you to discover where you envisage your place in society and how you wish to get there. Our aim is for you to understand what the wider British society has to offer you but also more importantly, what you have to offer it.

Me and My Legacy
Your final choice of courses will allow you to think about what your legacy will be once you have left Yavneh College. What messages would you like the pupils lower down in the school to remember? What impact can you have on future generations of young Jewish children embarking on the same journey you have taken? This theme will encourage you to explore your final aims and goals as your time in Yavneh College comes to an end.

Stepping Up
Yavneh College actively believe in the importance of Chessed (kindness) and we therefore expect all of our sixth form students to dedicate a minimum of one hour a week volunteering with variousprojects around the school. Some students have helped referee lower school football clubs, assisted with JS enrichments and even buddied younger pupils helping with reading.

Bet Medrash Track (BMT)
For those students intending to spend a period of time studying in a Yeshivah or Seminary after leaving school, our optional, additional, Bet Medrash Track (BMT) for three hours per week during Years 12 and 13 offers essential preparation for success in Jewish learning at the highest level. BMT students are provided with a series of courses in Tanach, Gemara and Halakha, to familiarise them with text and teachings and to develop and refine their Jewish learning skills. Unlike other courses at Yavneh College, boys and girls following the BMT are taught separately because of the different requirements of Yeshivot and Seminaries, although identical curricula will be followed where appropriate. There is a chance to meet representatives from various Yeshivot and Seminaries and participate in a pre- gap year Israel pilot trip.

The Bet Midrash Track
The Beit Midrash Track (BMT) is an exciting innovation that reflects the school’s commitment to developing the passion, knowledge and the textual skills of its pupils. BMT programmes are optional and have been designed to complement the mainstream Jewish Studies lessons which all of our pupils experience. Pupils can sign up to individual aspects of the BMT, for example, a BMT enrichment – and there is no requirement to commit to all aspects of the BMT, although that is of course welcome too.

The Beit Midrash Track spans across the entire school and offers pupils and students the opportunity to study a wide range of Jewish texts in small groups not only during JS lessons and Enrichments, but also at lunchtimes and after school sessions. The BMT also runs its own pre–school Shacharit Minyan and now offers a weekly ‘lunch and learn’ session.

After School BMT

We also offer all pupils the opportunity to participate in an after school programme for one hour a week where they will have the opportunity to study Tenach, Talmud or Jewish Thought.

As well as our innovative Yahadut programme, sixth form students are offered a further three hours a week of Jewish Studies during lunchtimes and free periods. Taking into consideration the different emphasis in learning that Yeshivot and Seminaries have, the BMT Track runs separate programmes for boys and girls. The boy’s programme has a strong emphasis on studying Talmud, developing textual skills and working with Talmudic commentaries. It is supplemented with a course which introduces our students to a wider range of Jewish works in both Halacha (Jewish Law) and Hashkafa (Jewish thought) which they may go on to study in future. The girl’s programme focuses on the study of Tenach and the development of textual skills in approaching Tenach. This is also supplemented with a course which introduces our students to a wider range of Jewish works in both Halacha (Jewish Law) and Hashkafa (Jewish thought). The Rav Shaliach of Bnei Akiva comes in to help facilitate these classes.

The school also runs a Yeshiva/Sem trip in Year 13 to Israel to showcase a variety of different institutions and is generally tailor made to meet the requirements of our students.