The Sixth Form Jewish Studies programme is referred to as Yahadut. The programme is exciting, dynamic and informative and stands out as one of the highlights of a student’s Yavneh experience. With its blend of formal and informal Jewish education and its strong emphasis on social action projects, the programme ensures that Yavneh College students will graduate with learning skills and knowledge, as well as a passion for Judaism and a commitment to making a positive contribution to their community. All sixth form students follow our Yahadut course for two hours per week during Years 12 and 13, examining fundamental elements of Jewish life and Jewish living in the modern world.

Over the course of Year 12 & 13, students have the choice to participate in a range of courses. Yahadut lessons are supplemented with a range of interesting and varied guest speakers throughout the Year.

Jewish Philosophy

This course allows students to questions the fundamentals of religion and explore key Philosophical questions. By bringing in other religious philosophical views, as well as non-religious based ideas students are able to debate at a high level the key philosophical questions that exist in organised religion and delve deeper into their own answers.

Jewish History

In Year 12 all students take part in a detailed study of the Holocaust. In preparation for their trip to Poland students look at life before the Holocaust as well as key elements of the Holocaust and life in the camps. Using a combination of films speakers and taught classes students are given an in depth knowledge of the Holocaust. On return from the trip, students learn about life post liberation and how Jewish life was rebuilt

In Year 13 students are offered a course on life post liberation and the DP camps. This in depth course examines how the post Holocaust generation rebuilt communities and found the strength to carry on. The course also focusses on the trials that took place for key Nazi perpetrators and explores difficult questions about good and evil.


In Year 12 students are able to take part in a special programme run in partnership with Mizrachi UK in which they learn about Israeli politics and advocacy. The course is extremely interesting and dynamic covering issues such as the Israeli political parties, the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism and how to be a positive advocate for Israel. The course leads up to an Israel advocacy speaking competition

In Year 13 students are able to take part in an Israel course that focusses specifically on Israel on campus. As well as revisiting their knowledge of Israeli politics and socio-economic issues, students hear from campus focussed speakers including representatives from UJS and Stand With Us about how to be positive advocates for Israel in the next stage of their life.


In Year 12 students look at what it means to be a leader. Using modern examples as well as those from Jewish text, students examine different leadership styles and qualities and consider their own leadership methods. Students have the opportunity to hear from a range of external speakers from different areas of leadership. Finally, students in this course prepare and run a programme for the pupils of Yavneh Primary School allowing them to put what they have learnt into practice.

In Year 13, students build on their previous leadership experience and explore leadership opportunities for the future. They hear from a range of speakers specifically involved in campus life and Jewish communal leadership and are given the chance to reflect on how they can be leaders in the next stage of their lives.


In Years 12 and 13, students explore challenging ethical issues and consider the Jewish responses. Using a range of Jewish and non-Jewish perspectives, students are able to debate their own ethical responses and consider what Judaism would feel about certain difficult ethical dilemmas. The dilemmas range from medical ethics to ethics of war and students are able to engage in emotive and current issues by examining the ethical issues involved.

Bet Midrash Track (BMT)

For those students intending to spend a period of time studying in a Yeshivah or Midrasha after leaving school, our optional, and additional, Bet Midrash Track (BMT) for two hours per week during Years 12 and 13 offers essential preparation for success in Jewish learning at the highest level. BMT students are provided with a series of courses in Tanach, Gemara and Halakha, to familiarise them with text and teachings and to develop and refine their Jewish learning skills. There is a chance to meet representatives from various Yeshivot and Midrashot and participate in a pre- gap Year Israel pilot trip.

After School BMT

We also offer all pupils the opportunity to participate in an after school programme for one hour a week where they will have the opportunity to study Tenach, Talmud or Jewish Thought.

As well as our innovative Yahadut programme, sixth form students are offered further hours during the week of Jewish Studies during lunchtimes and free periods. Taking into consideration the different emphasis in learning that Yeshivot and Seminaries have, the BMT Track runs separate programmes for boys and girls. The boy’s programme has a strong emphasis on studying Talmud, developing textual skills and working with Talmudic commentaries. It is supplemented with a course which introduces our students to a wider range of Jewish works in both Halacha (Jewish Law) and Hashkafa (Jewish thought) which they may go on to study in future. The girl’s programme focuses on the study of Tenach and the development of textual skills in approaching Tenach. This is also supplemented with a course which introduces our students to a wider range of Jewish works in both Halacha (Jewish Law) and Hashkafa (Jewish thought).

The school also runs a Yeshiva/Sem trip in Year 13 to Israel to showcase a variety of different institutions and is generally tailor made to meet the requirements of our students.