A Level pathway:

Sixth Form students start year 12 with a programme of three A levels, each receiving 9 hrs of lesson time per fortnight. Some students will start Year 12 with a programme of four A levels while some will add an EPQ to their programme of study. The EPQ includes weekly (hour) sessions from January to March and an additional 80 hours (approx) of independent study alongside meetings with a supervisor.

Vocational pathway:

Sixth Form students start year 12 studying the Extended Diploma in Business or “Triple Business” (equivalent to three A levels) each receiving 16 hours of taught lessons and 8 hours of Private Study per fortnight. A small minority of these students will study the National Diploma in Business or “Double Business” (equivalent to two A Levels) alongside a single A level in either Art, Photography, Computer Science or Ivrit, each receiving 12 hours of taught lessons and 6 hours of Private Study per fortnight and 9 hours of lesson time per fortnight for their (individual A Level).

All pathways:

All students receive a further 2 hours of Yahadut (Informal Jewish Education) per week and two Form Time (30 minute) sessions per week consisting of assembly/study skills session and a session preparing for post-18 pathways.

All Sixth Form students receive one PSHCE lesson per week (led by their tutor) alongside the lower school.

All students in Year 12 participate in our “GiveBack” programme which involves students choosing to either volunteer in the lower school/primary school or mentor younger students once a week (an hour).

All students have a one on one mentoring session (15 minute) with their tutor at least once a term.

In Year 12, all students have a 1 day dedicated careers workshop run by “Talk the Talk” looking at interview/communication skills. In addition, all Year 12 students complete a week of Work Experience in July during the last week of term.

All Sixth Form students have one PE session per half term where they are able to choose a sporting activity to participate in.

All students in year 12 participate in a “Volunteer Day” once a year where they are able to work for a chosen charity for the day.

In Year 13, A level subjects gain an additional hour per fortnight per subject (10 hours). Year 13 BTEC students are able to participate in an additional week of Work Experience during the Year 13 A Level mock exam period.

Students who have not received a pass in English/Maths but are able to continue in our Sixth Form have an additional 2 hours of “Catch up” sessions.

  • Students make their options choices in year 11 to begin studying in year 12.
  • Five Option blocks are created from student choices rather than the other way around. This ensures that the range of subjects on offer remain connected to the preferences of each year group. The subject offer is changed based on the changes in student preferences over time.
  • Students are able to choose four subjects at the start of Year 12 if they are unsure which three subjects they study with a view to drop to three after a period of a few weeks.
  • There is a window of a few months where students are able to change A level courses and/or move to/from BTEC to A level.
  • Students can choose from the following list of subjects:
    • Art and Design
    • Business Studies
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Economics
    • English Literature
    • Further Mathematics
    • Geography
    • History
    • Ivrit
    • Mathematics
    • Photography
    • Physics
    • Politics
    • Psychology
    • Religious Studies
    • Sociology