The Alan Senitt Community Leadership programme brings together year 10 pupils from 6 different schools, Guru Nanak Sikh Academy, Yavneh College, Immanuel College, JCoSS, Watford Grammar and Nower Hill High School, to gain skills to enable them to make a difference within their local community.

It brings the pupils together for seminars once a month where they take part in sessions about leadership skills and inclusivity, the course brings all the skills together that they learn in seminars to enable them to run a project to enhance their local community.

Hertsmere Forum of Faiths – Celebration of Faiths (Years 7-11 AG&T) – An evening event in which our pupils learn about others faiths and teach pupils from other schools about Judaism.

YCIT (Yavneh College Israel Trip) (Year 9) – An 18 day trip which gives pupils a unique opportunity to discover and learn about the ancient and contemporary sites of the country and appreciate the opportunities and challenges it faces, from multiple perspectives.

YCLP (Yavneh College London Programme) (Year 9) – An 18 day programme in which pupils take part in a variety of activities to learn about London culture, geography and society, strengthen friendships and focus on community. Programmes include a Treasure Hunt around London, team building games and learning cockney rhyming slang!

History – Trip to WW1 Battlefields (Year 8) – All year 8 pupils are offered the opportunity to attend the Ypres battlefield.

Poland Trip (Year 12) – The Yavneh College Poland Trip gives our students a unique opportunity to learn about European Judaism of the Middle Ages as well as seeing first hand some of the sites where a third of World-Jewry was destroyed.

Daily Prayer Services (Years 7-11) – A 15 minute window providing pupils with the opportunity to reflect on their religious practice and world events.

Mitzvah Week (whole school) – Hands on activities which provide non-financial support for our 3 school charities. The aim is for pupils to contribute to the community by just giving time. Projects have included making Christmas decorations for Meningitis Now, making Chanukah cards for Jewish Blind and Disabled and making key-rings to children with Cancer.

One People (Am Echad) – the name of the Yavneh College charity wing – (whole school) – Charity events run by pupils for pupils to raise money for our 3 school charities.

Hand of Yavneh (Yad Yavneh) (Years 7-9) – Twice a week in this enrichment, pupils make food either for the charity GIFT to distribute to needy families or for a local homeless shelter.

Yoni Jesner Award (Year 8) – Working with a volunteering network, pupils volunteer for 20+ hours in a variety of places across the community in memory of Yoni Jesner, a Scottish boy who was killed in a terrorist attack. Pupils have volunteered for local Brownies, nursing homes, youth organisations, coaching various sporting activities, mentoring younger pupils, made food for less fortunate people and much more.

‘Magistrates in the Community’ Assembly (Years 7-9) – Aims of this assembly were/are for pupils to understand the role of magistrates’ courts and understand the impact of crime.

Lifeskills Days (Years 7-11) – Lesson with two Police Community Support Officers. Police speak to children about drugs and alcohol and how they affect their life and also the police perspective of drugs and alcohol.

Sixth form Politics Society (open to all pupils) – Run by year 13 politics students at lunchtimes – students meet to discuss and debate current affairs and relevant political issues.

Ashley Sweetland MBE – guest speaker – Ashley spoke about his work with Young Parliament and the importance and role of young people in politics and the democratic process. Yavneh College/Hertswood Academy (Years 7-9) – Collaborating on a local project, Words in the Wood, together with 13 primary schools.

GIFT Lunch and Learn – Enrichment (Years 7-9) – A weekly lunchtime club where pupils learn about the importance of giving to others and also take part in hands on activities to help less fortunate people.

GIFT…Make a Difference (Year 12) – A Year 12 course in which students created projects to help their communities.

Current affairs display board (Outside Room 110) – Year 12 politics students update this noticeboard on a regular basis to cover current affairs. The displays have focussed on the Scottish Referendum and the 2015 General Election this year.

Local History Project – celebrating 75 years of Hillside School (Year 9 AG&T) – This was a local history enrichment where pupils engaged with the history of Hillside School (the school previously on this physical site). Pupils researched the history of the school in its 75 years. This included looking at archives from the local Borehamwood museum and interviewing a range of ex-pupils, staff and a former Chair of Governors.

Educational Visit to Parliament (Year 12) – All Politics students had a chance to tour Parliament with an MP.