Meet our SLT:


SLewisSLT Mr Spencer Lewis

Executive Headteacher

Interests and Hobbies: I enjoy most sports but particularly cricket and football. I love to read and am currently enjoying crime novels.

Favourite Meal: This is hard but I would say any meal with family and good friends are my favourite.

Dislikes: People who don’t tell the truth and tomatoes.

During lockdown I have… been missing my pupils and helping my young daughter with her school work.



Dr Mel Lee

Deputy Headteacher & Science Teacher

Interests and Hobbies: In my free time I love to look up new recipes and cook fresh food, especially Moroccan and spicy dishes. My favourite hobby is fitness – I used to do a lot of running but now I prefer strength training and working out in the gym with as heavy weights as possible! To relax I love reading books set during WW2 and I enjoy listening to music although my children despair that my taste in music is dreadful.

Favourite Meal: Sushi or anything with lots of chillies in it.

Dislikes: Bananas and an untidy house.

During lockdown I have… converted part of my garden into a home gym and have loved training outside. I have also not worn high heeled shoes once (which you will find out is totally the opposite to what I do at school).


Rabbi Andrew Davis

Deputy Headteacher

Interests and Hobbies:  I like going to the gym, seeing my friends, cooking, learning Talmud and doing sudoku puzzles. As well as working at Yavneh College, I am completing a PhD study in Holocaust education at the UCL Institute of Education.

Favourite Meal:  Hard to choose… either Steak and chips or Sushi.

Dislikes:  I really dislike when people have a lack of respect and tolerance for others.  I also dislike when my iPhone battery dies on me!!

During lockdown I have…  Been living as a pescatarian on a farm in Bedfordshire.


Mrs Hayley Fraser

Business Manager

Interests and Hobbies: I love to cook, so I spend a lot of time baking and creating recipes for my family to enjoy.    My chocolate brownies are definitely my signature dish.   All the food requires lots of exercise, so I like to go for walks in the countryside where I live, and the recent addition of a puppy to my family has made that much more fun.

Favourite Meal: Steak.

Dislikes: Lateness.

During lockdown I have…  Cleaned out every cupboard in my house, who knew I had so much junk.





Mr Matt Kendler

Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form and History Teacher

Interests and Hobbies: Sports are my main interest. I play and watch football regularly and am absolutely obsessed with fantasy football. I have won the Yavneh teachers league two years in a row 😀.

Favourite Meal: Burger and chips, mint choc ice cream.

Dislikes: Early mornings!

During lockdown I fell in love again with walking. I have two very young boys so it was a great way of getting them out the house for a change of scenery and getting some exercise.

JCordara2SLT Mr John Cordara

Assistant Headteacher & English Teacher

Interests and Hobbies: Music, reading and friends.

Favourite Meal: Ice cream.

Dislikes: People who are unkind.

During lockdown I have…  learned how to use more technology, which has been very useful.




jwaxman Mrs Jayne Waxman

Assistant Headteacher & English Teacher


Yavneh College’s broad range of subjects and extra curricular activities helps create the perfect environment for students to flourish.  The teachers are approachable, caring and fun to be around. This helps everyone feel part of the Yavneh family.

Student, Year 11