Meet our Heads of Department:



Mr Ben Bentley

Head of Maths

Interests and Hobbies: Massive fan of sport whether playing, watching or just generally talking about it. Often found at Stamford Bridge attending Chelsea matches. Spending quality time with friends especially over a Friday night dinner.

Favourite Meal: Meat meal – nothing beats a good steak and chips with some charif (spicy) sauce. Dairy – you can’t go wrong with a typical Italian pizza or pasta.

Dislikes: Tottenham, Leeds and Milwall. In that order. Oh and good manners are essential.




Ms Natasha Gonella

Head of English

Hobbies and interests- Unsurprisingly, reading is my favourite hobby! I particularly love reading Fantasy and Gothic novels. I also enjoy keeping a reading journal which is like a scrapbook diary of everything I read.  Spending time with my 3 lovely children takes up most of my time, but relaxing baths, spa days and swimming are my favourite ways to unwind.

Favourite food- Sushi and dim sum. A good cheese board.

Dislikes- bananas, because they are offensive. Velvet, because it is scary. Spiders because they are actually aliens. Impoliteness, messiness and poor grammar.




Mr Ben Gordon

Head of Jewish Studies

Interests and Hobbies: I enjoy playing sports and going on bike rides. I support Arsenal. I enjoy reading any of the David Baldacci books as they are full of adventure and mystery. When I have time, I like to cook and bake which keeps me busy. Any left over time, I enjoy watching TV to relax.

Favourite Meal: Steak or Ribs with chips.

Dislikes: Rudeness, Giving up too easily, lying and Spurs.






Ms Liza Merrett

Head of Science

Interests and Hobbies: I love being outdoors, either walking or running, I really enjoy the gym – mostly HIIT classes or spinning. It’s a good thing I like exercise because I also love cooking and eating out! I have two children both at university and a slightly mad cat called Faye who is very lazy and demands lots of attention when she wakes up. I support West Ham (someone has to) and so I’m used to disappointment and the occasional success in sport, I have really missed watching football, tennis and athletics during the lockdown. I like reading and try to read fiction and non-fiction – I like books about science particularly genetics and genomes.

Favourite Meal: Chicken curry, rice, naan, spinach bhaji or smashed avocado on sourdough bread with a poached egg on top for brunch.

Dislikes: Rudeness, bananas, cleaning!



Mrs Sophie Fernandez 

Head of Modern Foreign Languages





Mr Nick Ladd

Head of Humanities

Interests and Hobbies: History, Politics, Golf and Music.

Favourite Meal: Steak and Chips with Salad.

Dislikes: Fruit.





Mr Andy Layton

Head of PE

Interests and Hobbies: I enjoy playing a variety of sports ranging from Golf to Swimming to Football. Surprising I know!!!! I currently play football every Saturday afternoon for Old Finchleians FC and my position is in goal. I also like to keep active during the week by going out for early morning runs and HITT workouts. During my time off, I like traveling around the world and visiting as many different cultures as possible. In recent years I have travelled to Vietnam, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Bali to name a few. If I’m not playing sport or traveling, I do like a good video game.

Favourite Meal: Picking a favourite meal is very hard for me as I LOVE food and will eat almost anything. But I do enjoy a good large pizza with a side of garlic bread.

Dislikes: People that lie, Rudeness, Wasps & Deluded football fans.



Mrs Emily Linton

Head of Creative Arts

Interests and Hobbies: I love anything to do with art and being creative. When I have time I like to paint and am always looking for new DIY projects. I enjoy reading, going to the cinema and spending time with my friends. I love anything outdoors, going for nice walks and picnics. Most of all I enjoy spending time with my three young children and family is really important to me.

Favourite Meal: Chinese Food – Metsuyan is the best!

Dislikes: Peanut Butter.




Mrs Linda Levy

Data Manager

Interests and Hobbies: I really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes on my family. I have also found a new hobby in boating. I love the peace and quiet of the waterways and it’s a great opportunity to relax and de-stress.

Favourite Meal: I really enjoy anything with salmon – especially Sushi. Also all types of cheesecake!!

Dislikes: Laziness.




Mrs Sarah Max

Head of Informal Jewish Education

Interests and Hobbies:  I really enjoy cooking, experimenting with new recipes and trying them out on my friends and family.

Favourite Meal: Friday night dinner.  I look forward to a bowl of chicken soup all week.

Dislikes: Rudeness, lies, tomatoes and peppers.





Mr Brandon Pieters

Head of Business, Computing and Travel

Interests and Hobbies: DIY, Golf, Football, Gardening and Excel spreadsheets.

Favourite Meal: Chicken Schnitzel.

Dislikes: Average food and poorly designed spreadsheets.






Yavneh College’s broad range of subjects and extra curricular activities helps create the perfect environment for students to flourish.  The teachers are approachable, caring and fun to be around. This helps everyone feel part of the Yavneh family.

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