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EPQ presentations (October 2022)

October 2022

This year we had five year 13 students who completed their final EPQ presentations this week:

Damon Waks: ‘To what extend do classical fairy tales represent the unconscious archetypal journey of the psyche towards individuation through the lens of Jungian psychology?’

Ben Hirschfield: ‘To what extent is Ursodeoxycholic Acid the best course of treatment to improve the life expectancy of patients living with Primary Biliary Cholangitis?’

Hanna Adam: To what extent do different innate biological elements impact on physical heterosexual attraction to females in the human population?

Nitay Carmi: “To What extent did the actions taken by the Federal Reserve and the US government in the period of post the financial crisis of 2008 successfully recover the US economy by the year 2012?”

Noah Grose: ”What is the best lossy audio codec for high-bitrate implementations in modern digital music streaming?”