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Post 16 Results 2022

August 2022


Key Facts

A Level % Vocational B Tech %
A* 31%   D*D*D* 5%
A*-A 62%   D*D*D* -D*D*D 33%
A*-B 88%   D*D*D*-D*DD 85%
A*-C 97%   D*D*D*-DDD 93%


  • 62% of all A Level grades are A*-A
  • 27% of all A-Level students gained all A or A* grades
  • 93% of vocational students achieved at least 3 distinctions
  • 7 students are graduating to Oxbridge or to study medicine

Executive Headteacher, Mr Spencer Lewis:

‘We are absolutely delighted with these Post 16 results, both at A Level and in our Vocational, Btech course. Yavneh College students have worked so hard under very difficult circumstances and should be incredibly proud of what they have achieved. After a gap of three years since examinations were last sat, to have 62% of A Level grades at A* or A and 93% of vocational students with at least 3 distinctions is a testament both to the hard work of the students and to the dedication and commitment of the staff, who deserve a huge amount of thanks.

I am particularly proud that in this difficult year, six Yavneh students are graduating to Oxbridge or to study medicine.

Very well done to all Yavneh College students, you deserve it.’


Outstanding Individual Performances

A Levels

Joshua Morris A*A*A*A*A*
Jude Lewis A*A*A*A*
Zach Muslin A*A*A*A*
Matthew Zucker A*A*A*A*
Jonah Horne A*A*A*A
Lila Chernick A*A*A*
Mattan Davies A*A*A*
Keira Levene A*A*A*
Joshua Myers A*A*A*
Amelia San A*A*A*
Robin Schuster A*A*A*
Lillie Silverstein A*A*A*
Allie Bohm A*A*A
Samuel Cohen A*A*A
Mia Foreman A*A*A
Natalie Hartog A*A*A
Isabelle Jacobson A*A*A
Max Kyte A*A*A
Leon Schachter A*A*A
Aron Silver A*A*A
Kitty Smith A*A*A
Izzy Kennedy A*AAA
Jake Da Costa A*AA
Aiden Lester A*AA
Samuel Niman A*AA
Isabel Rose A*AA
Dan Stratton A*AA
Hadar Ash AAA
Aaron Geoghegan AAA
Oliver Grant AAA
Amalya Millan AAA


Vocational Courses

Travis Levison D*D*D*
Harry Cohen D*D*D*
Louie Bond D*D*D
Jason Burns D*D*D
Mollie Freedman D*D*D
David Gerber D*D*D
Joshua Hext D*D*D
Jake Lesner D*D*D
Amelia Markham D*D*D
Brandon Miller D*D*D
Elior Pritchard D*D*D
Miriam Shaw D*D*D
Harry Shorrick D*D*D
Aimee Soller D*D*D
Rueben Wapnick D*D*D