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A Level and Vocational Results 2021

August 2021

Key Facts

A* 37%
A*-A 84%
A*-B 99%
A*-C 100%


63% of all A-Level students gained all A or A* grades

98% of Vocational students achieved at least 3 distinctions and 10% achieved the top grades

4 students are graduating to Oxbridge and four to study medicine

Executive Headteacher, Mr Spencer Lewis said:

‘This has been another difficult year with students not sitting their planned A Level exams. However, unlike last year this year’s results are based on assessments and examinations sat at school for which students worked extremely hard in order to show just how much they have learnt over the last two years. Their teachers have used these assessments to assign the correct grades for each student following a long and carefully worked out assessment process.

A huge amount of thanks must go to the outstanding staff of Yavneh College who have worked under incredibly difficult circumstances this last year.

I am so proud of the grades Yavneh College students have been awarded, they worked incredibly hard and they deserve these excellent grades. 

I am particularly proud that four students are graduating to Oxbridge and three to study medicine.

Well done to all the students and to their teachers.’


Outstanding Individual Performances

A Levels

Gabrielle Adda A*A*A*A*
Scott Cowen A*A*A*A*
Georgia Reback A*A*A*A*
Joel Shamash A*A*A*A*
Sam Wagman A*A*A*A*
Noah Arazi A*A*A*A
Joshua Hack A*A*A*A
Talia Rabinowitz A*A*A*A
Sydnie Shaw A*A*A*A
Joshua Angel A*A*A*
Georgia Fishman A*A*A*
Jesse Hakkak A*A*A*
Nathan Kay A*A*A*
Josh Bond A* D*D*


 Vocational Courses

Ella Bloomberg D*D*D*
Mason Cohen D*D*D*
Milly Schechter D*D*D*
Arial Waxman D*D*D*