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Yavneh Sixth Formers excel at Primary Masterclasses – July 2021

July 2021

Yavneh Sixth Formers excel at Primary Masterclasses!

During May/June 2021, five year 12s embarked on Primary Masterclasses training by Ms. Alison Eves of the Royal Institution. The Royal Institution is an independent charity set up to encourage the public to think more deeply about Science and Mathematics. The Royal Institution Primary Mathematics Masterclasses are extra-curricular problem solving/investigation enrichment sessions for Primary school students. The general aim of the Masterclasses is to inspire an appreciation of Mathematics that is long-lasting.

After three sessions, many weeks of preparation and scrutiny by the Royal Institution and Yavneh College, Jude Lewis (Gravity/Air Resistance), Josh Morris (Prime Numbers), Natalie Hartog (Chaos Theory(, Jonah Horne (Game Theory) and Benjamin Moont (Code Breaking) managed a wide range of activities for year 4s at Yavneh Primary School on Friday 9th July 2021. The 3-hour carousel of events was an incredible success with requests to extend the classes in the afternoon and every Friday at the Primary School. Most importantly, the children enjoyed the activities and gained a greater appreciate of Mathematics.

We are grateful to Ms. Alison Eves of the Royal Institution for training the sixth formers. We give thanks to Yavneh Primary for hosting the carousel of events. Well done to Jude, Josh, Natalie, Jonah and Benjamin for growing their pedagogical expertise and in doing so, making Yavneh College so proud.

Dr. A. Ramlogan

Dept. of Mathematics

YPS Masterclasses-July 2021-1

From left to right: Benjamin Moont, Jude Lewis, Jonah Horne, Josh Morris, Natalie Hartog

YPS Masterclasses-July 2021-2

YPS Masterclasses-July 2021-3

YPS Masterclasses-July 2021-4

YPS Masterclasses-July 2021-5