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Yavneh College A Levels 2020

August 2020

A different kind of year but a similar story

Key Facts

A* 25%
A*-A 61%
A*-B 89%
A*-C 100%


31% of all A-Level students gained all A or A* grades

88% of Vocational students achieved at least 3 distinctions


Executive Headteacher, Mr Spencer Lewis:

‘This has been the most extraordinary year for everyone, everywhere. Students did not get the opportunity to sit their exams and show what they are capable of, they had worked so hard and they were very disappointed. Of course, Covid-19 has changed the way in which we all look at things and the students have accepted things with good grace and a smile.

These A Level grades follow a national standardisation process based on the school’s allocation of grades to each student having taken into account ongoing assessments, mock A Level examination grades and each teacher’s professional opinion of their student performance.

I am extremely proud of the grades Yavneh College pupils have been awarded. Our school is always one of the best performing in the country at A Level and these results continue that outstanding trend.

Well done to all A Level students and to their teachers.’

Outstanding Individual Performances

A Levels

Sophie Baxter A*A*A*A*
Danny Berlin A*A*A*A*
Ben Grunenberg A*A*A*A*
Sophie Horne A*A*A*A*
Beth Karbaron A*A*A*
David Shamash A*A*A*
Daniella Khalastchi A*A*A*A
Amy Schapira A*A*A*A
Iftach Sella A*A*A*A
Nathan Silver A*A*A*A
Zak Plaskow A*A*AA
Nathan Da Costa A*A*A
Amelie Freedman A*A*A
Aimee Harris A*A*A
Shaina Lesser A*A*A
Elana Phillips A*A*A
Jacob Taylor A*A*A
Jessica Abrahams A*AA
Daniel Bennis A*AA
Ellie Chernick A*AA
Benjamin Clayden A*AA
Leo Goot A*AA
Lucy Grant A*AA
Jamie Grossman A*AA
Joshua Laikin A*AA
Poppy Taylor A*AA
Gabriella Ziff A*AA
Jamie Lewis A* D*D


Vocational Courses

Louis Deacon D*D*D*
Ben Isaacson D*D*D*
Harry Levy D*D*D*