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Inspire KS3 Business Masterclass – 5th February, Yavneh College

February 2020

All Year 8 students were taken off timetable to attend three separate career speakers/workshops. These talks were tailored to relate to the GCSE option choices which pupils have to decide in the next few weeks. Students had the chance to choose which of the three sessions they wanted to attend in advance.

Business – Starting and running your own business.

Alan Levy from AKPM is a marketing professional specialising in Print Media. Alan began his career working for someone else before deciding to go into business by himself by launching his own company. Alan will talk about what it’s like to run your own business including the challenges, rewards and factors that you need to focus on to succeed in any small business.

Media and Media Arts – Digital Media and Web Design

Jason Salmon from FL1 Digital works with local clients to deliver website design solutions across a range of industries. They also offer expert support and training to their clients in the field of social media and search engine optimisation.

Computing Science – Careers in ICT industry.

Having worked previously as a senior Technical Manager for the Reuters news agency, Jane Slatter, from Soroptimists International, will talk about her experience of working for an international media organisation in the field of IT. As a current member of Soroptimists International, Jane will also be able to highlight the importance of maintaining interests outside of work to promote balance in life and individual wellbeing.

Politics – Politics and working in Parliament

Having previously worked as a Parliamentary Assistant for a Labour MP, Rebecca will give an insight into working in the field of politics, from working with the grassroots party membership through to the drafting of parliamentary questions, election campaigning and working on local campaigns.

Engineering & Fashion – Interview skills and Employability

Kim Dickson from Focus International is the Human Resources manager of an international fashion distribution company. She will deliver a special session on employability and interview skills, to help give an insight into what employers are looking for when they meet a job applicant and how you can give yourself the best chance of success when going to an interview.

Government and the Civil Service

Richard Lynch worked as assistant to a Cabinet minister during the previous government. He will talk about his experience of working in Westminster, supporting the work of a governmental department and working with the Civil Service.

Sport – Working in Sports Science

Francesco Aiello currently works with Arsenal FC as an assistant Sports Scientist, Francesco has previously worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach in Italy for football clubs including Inter Milan, AC Milan and SS Monza. Francesco will be talking about his experience of working in sports science and some of the roles that fall within this field.