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July 2019 – STEM TfL Innovative Challenge

October 2019

TfL Innovation Challenge – By Tamar Schechter


Have you ever experienced a signal failure on the train? Daniella Khalastchi, Jake Taylor, Danny Berlin, Michael Wahnon, Aaron Bennis and myself took part in TfL’s innovate challenge 2019. Our idea was to reduce delays and costs associated with signal failures. This can be achieved by installing thermal imaging cameras and temperature sensors around the track letting control centres know the temperature and engineers would be able to fix problems before they cause delays. We created our own 5 minute video presentation about our innovation along with an advert and model and submitted this for the competition. Out of 61 entries our team came in the top 4 and were invited to the finals on the 4th March. We were privileged to be accompanied by Mrs Morris, Governor of Yavneh College, and thought it was very special of her to join us and show her support. As part of the final 4 we took part in a panel Q&A with 12 judges from TfL and their suppliers. Overall, the day was incredible and gave us the opportunity to network with so many TfL employees and managers. Sadly we didn’t win but we had a great day and gained so much from the experience.

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