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Yavneh College A Level Results 2018

August 2018


‘We are delighted to announce another amazing set of A Level results with students doing incredibly well again this year.

These are fantastic results and are a tribute to our hard working dedicated students and an equally dedicated set of outstanding teachers’.

Mr S Lewis

Key Facts

A* 20%
A*-A 55%
A*-B 87%
A*-C 95%


Outstanding A-Level Performances

Erin Waks A*A*A* & EPQ Grade A*
Joseph Alfon A*A*A*
Noah Galibov A*A*A*
Zac Garcia A*A*A*
Matti Brooks A*A*A
Josh Zucker A*A*A
Nina Freeman A*AA & EPQ Grade A*
George Gross A*AA & EPQ Grade A*
Taya Amit A*A*A
Jamie Belasco A*AA
Isaac Fahidi A*AA
Hannah Globe A*AA
Faye Huberman A*AA
Zoe Klein A*AA
Lily Woolf A*AA


30.1% of all A-Level students achieved A or A* grades in all three subjects


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievement on the BTEC Extended Diploma course, which is equivalent to three A-Levels.

Distinction *, Distinction *, Distinction (D*D*D)

Sammy Letzer

Distinction *, Distinction, Distinction (D*DD)

Bradley Freeman

Zak Keizner

Mia Mydat


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