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ENGLISH – Trip to British Library – May 2018

May 2018

Year 7 & 8 Trip to the British Library

Year 7 & 8 students who are gifted and talented in English had the fantastic opportunity to go to the British Library in Euston, London on Tuesday 24th April 2018.  The students had a tour of the Treasures Room, which included seeing the Magna Carta, a prayer book that could be worn on a necklace, the writing of Jane Austen and Beatles lyrics written on a napkin.

The students then had to create a piece of writing based on famous first lines of novels.  The British Library team were impressed with the ideas and creativity of the writing which our students created.

Masie Gold in year 8 said: I really enjoyed this trip because I found out lots of information about the library and also enjoyed looking in the treasures gallery to see some books as old as from the 15th century. I learnt a lot of new skills on the trip and was challenged by the activities. 

Charlie, Mason and Adam in year 7 said: We were astounded by the vast collection of incredible exhibits that were on display. There were old books, sonnets and stories from the year 1000 and small books of prayer that could hang around your neck.  The tour guides were brilliant and overall we had a great time.

Mrs Harris emailed to say: Thank you very much for organising the trip to the British Library, Joshua really enjoyed it and he seems to have got a lot out of the experience. He’s been telling us all about the Magna Carta and the golden Haggadah and he can’t wait to go there again!


I wandered lonely as a cloud…

Drifting off elegantly in the distance were little pieces of cotton puffed like fresh feather pillows.  I casually strolled down a blanket of soft, vibrant and luscious lawn, treading carefully making sure not to march on any daisies. The daisies were solid silver with gold interiors. As I pondered around, I was stunned by the shear face of the crisp water that came cascading down from the waterfall above. There was a floral scent that lingered in the air.

Masie Gold