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Art AGT Workshop Write Up Year 12 – May 2018

May 2018

The Yavneh College A-level art class were recently visited by Holly, a tutor from the University of Creative Arts, who lead a workshop, allowing us to explore a more creative and free method of converting collage into a 3D product. Each of us were given an A2 sheet of paper which we decorated with a variety of textures and media, such as different papers, fabrics and materials. After this, we drew outlines of different body shapes on the paper and cut them out, creating a collection of uniquely designed body parts. Lastly, we were given the challenge to make an accessory out of these, using wire, string and adhesives. Once we had finished our final products, we were able to wear them. The outcomes varied from belts, crowns, masks, ties and even bags.

This experience was valuable to all of us as it allowed us to become more expressive and messy, with an activity which didn’t have to be so precise and controlled, which we are normally used to. Although it was not relevant to all of our individual topics, the session allowed us to explored materials we wouldn’t usually use and learn new techniques, including image transfer with tape. These ideas will be able to be carried forward with us and may be useful when trying new experiments and methods in our work. The whole class had a great time and many of us are excited to attend the open day workshops which were suggested to us.

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