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Art AGT Workshop Write Up Year 10 – May 2018

May 2018

UCA Session

The UCA session was for year 10 students taking part in Art GCSE.  A teacher from the University for the Creative Arts came into run a creative school workshop.

This consisted of a 2-hour workshop where we made Fanzines which are our own booklets made from A3 pieces of paper that were folded down to create a booklet with 8 pages. On these pages we were asked to use our own creative media techniques to fill these pages with a range of mixed media such as magazine collages, coloured ink as well as different types of fabric.

We felt this was a very productive workshop as we were allowed to express our creativity in a range of different ideas and media’s which helped to find the designs that best expressed ourselves. This was a great platform to convey the theme of design that we were most interested in as the range of different designs produced and media’s used varied throughout the class which helped show our individuality.

UCA Session1UCA Session2