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JEWISH BOOK WEEK – Helen Fry, The London Cage – Monday 12th March

March 2018

On Monday 12th March, as part of Jewish Book Week, Helen Fry came to speak to Yavneh College History A Level students.

Helen is a highly respected historian and has written and edited over 25 books. Her works cover primarily the social history of the Second World War, most especially intelligence (MI5 and MI6) as part of the secret war and espionage, as well as interrogation of German prisoners of war. Helen continues to publish new wartime stories and bring fresh insight into the clandestine operations of WW2, including widespread coverage of one of the greatest deceptions of the war: the bugging of Hitler’s generals at Trent Park.

Helen discussed her most recent book, The London Cage which tells the story of a clandestine prisoner of war interrogation site in Kensington Palace Gardens. Helen also spoke about the work of a historian and how she carried out her research.

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