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PE: Varsity Week 2018 – 29th January – 5th February 2018

February 2018

Yavneh College AG+T Varsity

This year was the first ever Yavneh College Varsity Tournament where over 60 gifted and talented pupils were involved in five sports across the week, competing to win the Varsity trophy. Pupil selections were based on their outstanding performances and effort in PE and Extra-Curricular clubs. The pupils were then drafted by Mr Layton and Mr Walters to create two teams (team Layton and team Walters). The sports selected were Netball, Futsal, Basketball, Football and Rounders.

Throughout the whole tournament, the scores were extremely tight between the two teams. It was in the last innings of rounders where Team Walters won the tournament by only half a point.

Team Layton Team Walters
Netball 2 6
Boys Futsal 1 0
Boys Basketball 8 4
Girls Football 1 0
Mixed Indoor Rounders 11 13.5
Total 23 23.5


Fast forward to Monday 5th February, where we were lucky enough to have guest speaker and ex-Olympian and medallist at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships, Kate Haywood come in and give an inspirational speech. She demonstrated the qualities and attributes needed to be successful in sport. Her story spoke about the ups and downs in her career, and how her determination and grit enabled her to be extremely successful. We were also privileged to have her present the first ever Varsity trophy to the winning team.

The tournament would not have been such a success without the numerous amount of pupils volunteering to officiate and help in the five sports. A massive thank you to those who came down. Especially those who took part and competed in the tournament. Congratulations to Team Walters on an exceptionally close win and commiserations to Team Layton who had them up against the ropes throughout the whole tournament.

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