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IVRIT – “Atomic Falafel” – Monday 5th February 2018

February 2018

This week around 20 enthusiastic Ivrit students gathered to watch the film ‘’ Atomic Falafel’’.

The film is about how two teenage girls, one Israeli and one Iranian, both of whom live in towns with a nuclear reactor, are able, with the aid of an Israeli hacker, to stop a nuclear war when the army chiefs on both sides decide to push the button.

This comedy film was filmed in Israel and is mainly in Hebrew with parts of it were spoken in Farsi. We watched it with English subtitles and the students did recognise some of the words,

The students were laughing all the way through and enjoyed the references to aspects of Israeli life. Like any Israeli event there were plenty of Israeli snacks as well as popcorn.

Students said they enjoyed themselves and would like us to organise more events like this.

ivritAtomicFalafel1 ivritAtomicFalafel2 ivritAtomicFalafel3 ivritAtomicFalafel4