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French – La Famille Bélier – 8 Nov 2017

November 2017


A group of enthusiastic Francophiles gathered on Wednesday 8 th November to share the showing of a La Famille Bélier, a modern film set in rural France. In the Bélier family, sixteen-year-old Paula is an indispensable interpreter for her deaf parents and brother on a daily basis, especially in the running of the family farm. One day, a music teacher discovers her gift for singing and encourages Paula to audition for the prestigious Maîtrise de Radio France music college in Paris, which will secure her a good career and a college degree. However, this decision would mean leaving her family and taking her first steps towards adulthood. The film was shown in French with English subtitles and pupils enjoyed identifying vocabulary already familiar to them (through their GCSE French studies) while learning more about the French culture. The lunch time viewing was positively received by all spectators and the atmosphere was completed with bowls of popcorn which rendered the experience even more authentic! The event was so successful that it will be run the following week as well in order to finish the film. Quotes from the group: ‘I love this film. What a great way to spend my lunch time! I cannot wait until next week to see what happens’.