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Cambridge University Liaison Officer Visit

November 2017

On Monday 6th November, Rebecca Bradley, the School Liaison Officer from Cambridge University visited Yavneh College to speak to a select group of year 11 students and parents about the prospect of studying at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

The talk included details of what makes both universities so unique as well as looking at the incredible academic opportunities open to its undergraduates. In addition, Rebecca explained to students the rigours of the application process as well as the sorts of extra (“super”) curricular activities they need to be involving themselves in over the next few years in order to give them the best possible chance of a successful application.

The talk was a really useful experience for students (and parents) and will have plenty of food for thought when thinking about the important choices for the futures. I am also really hopeful that hearing from Rebecca inspired our most able students to motivate them to achieve as highly as possible this year in order to give them a real chance at successfully applying to Oxford and Cambridge next year.


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Cambridge Liaison Officer Write Up Pic2

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