• Business Level 3

    BTEC Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Business

    Yavneh offers both the BTEC Diploma (2 A level Equivalent) and the BTEC Extended Diploma (3 A level Equivalent) in Business. This is a course that enables students to progress to either an apprenticeship (level 4 or 5) or to Higher Education. The course consists of vocational units that examine aspects of marketing, finance, event management, accounting and aspects of the English legal system amongst many other topics. The structure of the course differs from A levels in that there are only two exams along with coursework and controlled assessment units. This enables students who are stronger in the areas of independent study and work-related skills to excel.

  • Creative Media Level 3

    The BTEC Creative Digital Media Production Extended Certificate is equivalent to one A-Level and provides students with an in depth introduction to the study of creative digital media production at level 3. Students will develop an understanding of the media industry through analysing media products and pitching and producing media projects. It is designed for students who aim to progress to higher education and ultimately to employment, possibly in the media industries, with particular emphasis on the digital media aspects which are so useful in today’s working world. The following four units are studied on this course:

    o    Unit 1: Media Representations is examined by an onscreen exam which is set by Edexcel. In this unit, students will study a range of media from different sectors, such as music videos, short film extracts, animation, news programmes, websites, digital games and print adverts in order to explore how meaning, messages and values are constructed through formal and stylistic elements.

    o    Unit 4: Pre-Production Portfolio will enable students to develop an understanding of the essential pre-production work that takes place as part of a creative media production. They will gain an understanding of the requirements of the planning stage, from finance and logistics to regulations. Their investigations will help develop pre-production skills and experience needed to carry out their own tasks and to produce a digital media product. Students will create a portfolio and manage the pre-production for their own creative media production.

    o   Unit 8: Responding to a commission will enable students to understand how to respond to a commission brief with ideas based on the required content, style, audience, purpose and approach proposed by the client. They will work within the requirements and constraints of the client’s specifications and consider their response in terms of ethos, format, budget, platform and duration.

    o   Unit 12: Website Production will introduce students to a web production life cycle that involves learning how to manipulate common codes and conventions to produce a website that meets a specific purpose and appeals to the intended user. Their web pages will require appropriate content, such as text, images and audio-visual content to engage the user, and they will learn how to prepare a variety of assets and position them onto their web pages.