Pupils attend school for a maximum of 190 days each academic year.  Full attendance is vital for your child’s educational progress.  The school regards absences as a very serious concern and there is overwhelming evidence of a connection between those pupils who are frequently absent and those who go onto under-achieve in examinations.

The school will only grant leave in term time in the most exceptional circumstances.  Leave taken without permission of the Headteacher will be recorded as unauthorised.  Extended leave may result in your child being removed from the school roll.

Absence requests should be made well in advance to the Headteacher by downloading the Pupil Absence Request Form from the Yavneh College website.

If your child is absent due to illness, please let us know on the first morning of absence EITHER by completing the ‘Report Absence’ page in the ‘Attendance’ section of Insight OR by telephoning the school office. When your child returns to school, please notify us of the reason for their absence EITHER via Insight OR by sending your child’s form tutor a signed and dated letter. Please note that it is not sufficient to simply state that your child has been ill; Education Improvement Officers require that the nature of the illness is stated.

If your child has a medical or dental appointment which means that they need to leave school early or arrive late, please inform us at least 24 hrs in advance EITHER by logging into Insight OR by providing a note for your child’s form tutor. Please ensure that your child reports to the school office so that their late arrival/early departure can be recorded.  If your child needs to leave school early they must obtain an exit pass from the school office in order to be allowed offsite.

Pupil Absense Request Form

Please download the from below.