Shalom and welcome!

Yavneh College is a truly outstanding school and an inspiring place to learn and grow.

We are a modern orthodox school which welcomes students from across the spectrum of Jewish practice.

We nurture every individual with inspirational teaching and an incredible range of opportunities ensuring that every pupil realises their full potential.

Once you have seen everything that we have to offer, I am sure that you will agree that Yavneh College is a wonderful school and hope that you will entrust your child's education to us.

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What makes Yavneh College unique


Admissions FAQs


 Another set of fantastic exam results


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Yavneh College is the highest placed totally non selective state school in the country

(the Sunday Times List of Top 100 Schools 2017)

 Another set of fantastic exam results


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Yavneh College’s broad range of subjects and extra curricular activities helps create the perfect environment for students to flourish. The teachers are approachable, caring and fun to be around. This helps everyone feel part of the Yavneh family.


  • AIM HIGH ENRICHMENT (yr 8) – Ted Talks (March/April 2018)

    The year 8 AIM HIGH Enrichment has been working on producing their own Ted Talks. After watching a number of different Ted Talks online all students w

  • JEWISH BOOK WEEK – Helen Fry, The London Cage – Monday 12th March

    On Monday 12th March, as part of Jewish Book Week, Helen Fry came to speak to Yavneh College History A Level students. Helen is a highly respected

  • IVRIT – “Atomic Falafel” – Monday 5th February 2018

    This week around 20 enthusiastic Ivrit students gathered to watch the film ‘’ Atomic Falafel’’. The film is about how two teenage girls, on